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Coffee snobs get a bad rep. Scarf-wearing, glasses-donning, coffee shop loving hipsters have made us all look like uppity jerks. But we are not all like that. Being a coffee snob is simply having a deep appreciation for coffee.

There is more than one type of coffee snob. Some coffee snobs enjoy experimenting with different types of coffee grown in various regions of our beautiful planet. Other snobs delight in perfecting how to brew the best cup possible. Some enjoy trying weird and crazy coffee blends, while others are single origin purists.

There are those folks who demand a dark and bold roast, while there are others who enjoy the different earthly flavors coffee beans offer.
No matter the type of snob you are, Let’s Get Roasted has something for everyone. Even those who might not be coffee snobs…yet!

Some coffee drinkers might not even be aware of the different flavors coffee can have-fruity, earthy, nutty, chocolatey, caramel, and more. It’s all about experimenting and finding what you like best.
Our goal is to provide you with real good specialty coffees at a real good price. We have found on our journey as coffee Snobs that there are many health benefits to drinking high quality coffee’s.

Many people have turned to cream and sugar to make their shitty coffee taste good. With our coffee, you will find that consuming BLACK coffee is the bomb! Psst… Side note, Adding a little Whipping Cream to your cup, helps accentuate the flavor profiles. As we like to say… Life is too short to drink Shitty Coffee!

Our Supplier & Roasting Style

Let’s Get Roasted Coffee Co. uses one supplier for our specialty coffee beans. This ensures we know where the coffees we are selling are coming from. We are pleased to be part of the “Volcafe Way©”. They have set the new standard for supporting the farmers who grow the coffee cherries. Volcafe Way© works directly with growers from Africa, Asia and Latin America. They assist farmers in creating sustainable high quality crops. We purchase our green coffees from The Genuine Origin Coffee Project.

We roast our green coffee’s in a Fluid Bed Air Roaster. In our opinion, this is far better than roasting with Traditional Drum Roasters. Our coffees tend to be less bitter and acidic.

When it comes to roasting coffee with all the nuances and differences in coffee beans, each offering has it’s own unique set of characteristics. Blending different coffees together creates some very enjoyable experiences. Some people enjoy dark roasts for the bolder, richer flavors, while other enjoy the lighter roasts that bring out the characteristics of the coffee bean. Still one of the all time favorites is single origin coffees. Whatever your choice is, you are bound to experience coffee to a new level of satisfaction. We hope you bring us along on your own personal coffee journey.

We offer Free Local Pickup/Delivery in Idaho Falls!

Wow! I usually buy classic roast Folgers a Medium Roast. My husband prefers Light Roast. This Guatemala San Antonio IS a perfect Afternoon Coffee. It smells great and has terrific flavor. We both look forward to trying the other 4 different flavors we have!
Trina Meikle

Freshly Air Roasted Coffee

Our coffee is freshly air roasted within 7 days of when it arrives at your door!

We Carry Top Quality Coffee Bean Origins