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Frequently Asked Questions!

 It is our opinion that roasting coffee quickly and evenly on a fluid bed Air Roaster creates a clean cup of coffee.

Versus that of gas roasting which the gas passes through the beans leaving behind the carcinogens and alkylamides. Gas roasted coffees have been reported to be toxic right after roasting. Thus, the off-gas period is needed to bring the beans down to a safe level for consumption.

Our Air roasted coffee can be roasted, ground and consumed within minutes. This is why we chose Air Roasting. It’s clean, safe, and delicious. 

Arabica Coffee, the type we traditionally roast is a versatile bean with over 140 different origins. There are so many different flavor profiles depending on the bean we are using.

We sure do! Use code “coffeesnob” at checkout to save 10% off your next order.

If you are not completely happy with our coffee we will refund your purchase with no questions asked.

For us, our friends and business contacts and organic customers are the base we are building from. Once a person has tried our FRESH ROASTED COFFEE, they can taste the difference. That’s really what it’s all about for us. Building lasting relationships, serving our communities, giving back, and MOSTLY our own personal journey learning and sharing our experiences about coffee with others.  

Drinking up to five cups a day can boost the immune system and reduce the risks of stroke and heart disease. We also offer 97% caffeine free decaffeinated coffee for those who enjoy a good cup of coffee but have allergies to higher levels of caffeine.

You will receive your coffee within 14 days of it being freshly Air Roasted. That’s our promise!